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Freezers Maintenance Rules


    Everyone generally expect to buy a freezer for a longer period of time. If you don’t want the freezer to deteriorate or be damaged too quickly, there are the following rules to pay attention to:

1. When placing the freezer, it is very important to dissipate heat from the left and right sides of the freezer, as well as the back and the top. If the cooling space is insufficient, the freezer will require more power and time to cool. Therefore, remember to reserve space for heat dissipation. It is recommended to leave 5cm on the left and right sides, 10cm on the back, and 30cm on the top.

2. Avoid placing the freezer near direct sunlight or electrical appliances that generate heat, which will also increase the pressure on the refrigeration system, and in turn will accelerate the consumption of the refrigeration system.

3. Open the freezer a lot of times every day, keep the door not open for too long and press it lightly when closing to ensure that the freezer is tightly closed to prevent cold air from seeping out and hot air infiltrating. If there is hot air entering the freezer, the temperature will rise, and the freezer will have to be re-cooled, which will shorten the life of the refrigeration system.

4. Avoid placing hot food in the left freezer immediately. Try to bring the hot food back to room temperature before putting it in the freezer, because putting hot food in the freezer will increase the space temperature of the freezer and shorten the life of the refrigeration system.

5. Regular cleaning of the freezer can reduce the chance of mechanical failure. Turn off the power and then remove the active accessories and shelves for cleaning.IMG_20190728_104845

    Please use and take good care of your freezer so that it can last longer with you.

Post time: Jun-18-2022