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How to save electricity when using refrigerated display cabinets and freezers?

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1. Minimize the opening times and time of refrigerated display cabinets and freezers.

Hot food should be allowed to cool naturally to room temperature before placing in refrigerated display cases and freezers.

Foods with a lot of moisture should be washed and drained, then wrapped in plastic bags and placed in refrigerated display cabinets and freezers to avoid moisture evaporation and thickening of the frost layer, affecting the cooling effect of refrigerated display cabinets and freezers, and increasing power consumption.


2. Make ice cubes and cold drinks in the evening in summer.

The temperature is lower at night, which is conducive to the cooling of the condenser. At night, refrigerated display cabinets and freezer doors are less opened to store food, and the compressor has a shorter working time, saving electricity.


3. Store food in an appropriate amount, preferably 80% of the volume.

Otherwise, it will affect the air convection in the refrigerated display cabinet and the freezer, make it difficult for food to dissipate heat, affect the preservation effect, increase the working time of the compressor, and increase the power consumption.


4. Refrigerated display cabinets and freezer temperature adjustment controllers are the key to saving electricity.

The temperature adjustment knob is generally adjusted to “4″ in summer, and “1″ in winter, which can reduce the number of starts of refrigeration display cabinets and freezer compressors and achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

Refrigerated display cabinets and freezers should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation, and should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators and stoves; Refrigerated display cabinets and freezer cabinets should be left and right sides and rear. Leave appropriate space to facilitate heat dissipation.

Post time: Jul-12-2022