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New Design- Large Window Island Freezer

New design-large window combination island cabinet has been tested and completed, direct cooling with automatic defrost, mass production, temperature up to -25 degrees, beautiful price, welcome to consult…!




Make full use of limited space in limited usage scenarios, generally use combined island cabinets, adopt a combined design, combine several island cabinets together, not only save a lot of space, but also increase the display effect, such as supermarkets have to have a large space displays the effect, so as to attract more customers and improve customers’ desire to buy, mainly to make full use of the limited space, better display products, and facilitate customers to buy products.


Island cabinets are mostly used for freezing, for freezing various meat, ice cream, quick-frozen dumplings, frozen meat, semi-finished dishes and other refrigeration needs.

Island cabinets are mostly used in supermarkets, convenience stores, fresh food stores, semi-finished products stores, frozen food stores, restaurants and other businesses for large-capacity needs, reducing the number of purchases.

Product Features:

1.Strong design with high customer benefit at H Model;

 2.Guarantees a perfect view with elegant side glazing;

 3.LED interior lighting;

 4.The smooth sliding cover and easy removal of goods inspire customers and thus boost sales;

5.Use brand compressor and brand accessories, quality assurance ;

In our store, if you have any styles you are interested in, please feel free to consult me, I will give you the best product quality and service.


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Post time: Jul-06-2022