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New product design and shipping


Our company has developed a new product – new style fresh meat cabinet with lid recently,the product production is completed and is being tested in the quality control laboratory. Air-cooling design, large capacity, upper part with lid, no loss of cold air, fast cooling, locking products to keep fresh, perfect appearance design and high quality materials have attracted many buyers at home and abroad. If you are also interested in this product. Please feel free to contact us, I will provide you with the best service and price.



Meanwhile, today, under the hot sun, our team loaded two 40HQ Containers, the outdoor temperature was highly above 37°, colleagues braved the heat and worked hard together, their spirit is very much admired by me, this is a team full of positive energy and positive.



The main types of products shipped today are open multideck vegetable chiller, island freezer etc,they are all hot products. Now I will show you the product advantages of the two products.

Air curtain refrigerated cabinet Series:

(1) Large-capacity, increase storage space, large open display area, clear and intuitive display;

(2)International branded compressor, quality assurance.

(3) LED light is 24V,advantage:

safe voltage,does not reach people, which can enhance the safety performance of the freezer;/ The lamp tube service life is the conventional 2-3 times.

(4) Using low night curtains;

(5) Thickened sheet, intelligent temperature control system;

(6)Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.


 Smart combination island freezer

(1) Using branded compressor, fast cooling, more energy saving and low noise;

(2) Overall foaming, thickened foaming layer, energy saving and power saving, uniform cooling, and long-lasting freshness;

(3) Anti-fogging,cambered,the tempered glass, no deformation, no fog, and more thermal insulation;

(4) Intelligent temperature control system, more accurate, easy to operate and more worry-free;

(5) Using copper tube condenser, the inner coil is copper tube;

(6) Automatic defrost, reducing the trouble of regular defrosting and improving cooling efficiency.

(7) Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.


The survival of a company is based on good quality and integrity, and we hope to provide more overseas buyers with the best solutions in the refrigeration industry in the future.

Post time: May-24-2022