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Summary of characteristics of air curtain cabinet

The refrigeration principle of the air curtain cabinet is to use the cold air to blow out from the back, so that the cold air evenly covers every corner of the air curtain cabinet, so that all the food can achieve a balanced and perfect preservation effect. Air curtain cabinets are widely used in supermarkets, cake shops, milk stations, hotels, etc. It is an essential appliance for refrigerating vegetables, cooked food, fruits, and cakes.

The air curtain display cabinet is actually a showcase that combines the two main functions of refrigeration and freezing, and then improves the design on the basis of being able to display products. By using the function of melting ice and frost of natural air, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and a large amount of electricity is left for supermarkets while environmental protection is necessary. In addition, the air curtain display cabinet can also maintain the uniform temperature in the cabinet, which is of great significance for products that need to be stored at constant high temperature or constant low temperature.

Now regular supermarkets will choose air curtain display cabinets as freezers for milk, yogurt, meat, fruits and vegetables and other foods that need to be kept at a constant temperature. However, some supermarkets choose low-quality steel plate cabinets in order to save costs. This is actually unreasonable. Color steel plates with strong corrosion resistance can prolong the life of the cabinets. Therefore, in a sense, it is still at the beginning. It is the wisest choice to choose a high-quality air curtain display cabinet.

When designing the air curtain cabinet, it not only considers the use place of the product, but also pays attention to the needs of users to display the product. The appearance of the air curtain cabinet is exquisite and atmospheric, and the large light box design is adopted. ; Also set up night energy-saving curtains for use at night and other non-business hours, saving power and energy, reducing operating costs for users.

Post time: Jul-29-2022