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What false faults are caused by improper maintenance of store fresh-keeping cabinets


    As a user, the store needs to take good care and pay attention to maintenance when using the fresh-keeping cabinet. There are many internal parts of the vertical freezer, such as: compressors, evaporators, condensers, throttles and other components, and some small parts also play a vital role. Therefore, the fresh-keeping cabinet must be well maintained. If the maintenance is not done properly, it will cause some phenomena such as poor cooling effect or false failure of no cooling.

1. Improper maintenance of the fresh-keeping cabinet compressor and condenser can easily lead to poor cooling effect of the fresh-keeping cabinet. The compressor and condenser are important refrigeration components of the fresh-keeping cabinet. If they are stained with dust, they will affect heat dissipation, shorten the service life and directly affect the cooling effect. Therefore, users must clean and maintain them regularly. The condenser fins of the fresh-keeping cabinet should be cleaned every other Clean it with a brush once a month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect.

2. Improper maintenance of the evaporator of the fresh-keeping cabinet directly causes the fresh-keeping cabinet to not cool. The area around the fresh-keeping cabinet is too crowded and the air flow is poor, resulting in frost on the surface of the evaporator. The user should properly clean the frost on the surface of the evaporator.

3. The throttle of the fresh-keeping cabinet caused the failure of the refrigeration system. The function of the throttling device is to filter the moisture in the refrigeration system of the fresh-keeping cabinet and filter impurities, so as to prevent the refrigeration system from malfunctioning due to pipeline blockage. The main function of the capillary is to throttle and reduce pressure, so the capillary should not have too many impurities, and the fresh-keeping cabinet must be cleaned and maintained on time.


Post time: Nov-26-2022