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Our Service


Our sales manager are very professional, all of them have more than 5 years of foreign trade experience, have more comprehensive product knowledge and technical knowledge, and are familiar with the direction of development of each foreign market as well as product demand.

Everyone are all good at communication, have good communication skills and techniques , strong negotiation ability.

To be able to better control each inquiry order, analyze the product demand and make accurate quotation.

Preparation of PI with clear presentation of all terms.

Analysis of key projects and provide technical support.


To follow up each customer's order in full, inform the customer of each step of the production process on time, take photos and videos, etc. for the customer and give positive feedback.

Positive communication with customers and answers if they have any questions.

Strict quality control to ensure quality; on-time delivery.


Do a good job of customer return visit, professional after-sales team to provide the most professional after-sales service.

We can provide installation guidance, product technical parameters, technical guidance, supply of wearing parts (within the warranty period), freezer maintenance tips and other professional services. Also welcome you to give us your valuable advice.