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Deli Cabinet

  • AY Deli Cabinet (Remote Type)

    AY Deli Cabinet (Remote Type)

    The imported compressor is used to pass through the microporous air outlet network, the air-conditioning is evenly distributed, the temperature in the cabinet is constant and uniform, and the food will not be air-dried. Large arc glass, beautiful appearance design, and optional unit external, the cabinet can be lengthened and spliced arbitrarily.

    This product is suitable for supermarkets, markets, butcher shops, hotels, hotels, etc. to display and sell meat products, dishes and fresh-keeping food. The closed structure design can save energy and electricity, and has good food preservation effect.

  • Right Angle Deli Cabinet (Plug In Type)

    Right Angle Deli Cabinet (Plug In Type)

    Intelligent temperature control, air-cooled frost-free, long-lasting freshness;

    Brand compressor, evenly cooled, keeping physical nutrients and water not easy to lose;

    All-copper refrigeration tube, fast refrigeration speed and corrosion resistance;

    Using water-saving floor, stainless steel, more resistant to corrosion;

    Suitable for a variety of occasions, hot pot restaurants, pork shops, fresh shops, etc .

    Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.

  • Hot Sale AY Corner Service Counter Deli Display Refrigerator

    Hot Sale AY Corner Service Counter Deli Display Refrigerator

    Deli showcases, made with famous quality compressor, microcomputer for temperature control, automatic defrosting system and microporous air circulating channel to maintain thestable and even temperature inside without air dry. It appears good style and luxury to connect several machines with structure in humanization design and wide curve glass. It is also convenientto open or close it by applying advanced alloy pressure closer on the cover. With exquisite technique, superior configuration, are extremely luxurious and elegant as the best choice to show and preserve the delicious foods in supermarkets, malls and the catering trade.

  • Round and Corner Deli Cabinet

    Round and Corner Deli Cabinet

    Great for displaying pre-made sandwiches, meats, sausages, bottled beverages, and other grab-and-go snacks, this self serve refrigerated showcase combines reliability with aesthetic appeal to encourage customers to buy your items!

    The low profile design allows this unit to fit virtually anywhere, and because it features a bright LED light, it will illuminate your products while drawing customer attention. This unit has rear access to the refrigeration system to simplify routine maintenance, and a condensate evaporator is provided for a completely self-contained system.