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BG-Model Open Multideck Cooler (Plug In Type)

Short Description:

Brand: Sanao
Product origin: Boxing, Shandong
Delivery time: 15 WORKING DAYS
Supply capacity: 1000 SETS/Month

1. We are Factory.

2. We supply after-sale service.

3. We promise one year quality guarantee for whole cabinet.

4. Temperature: 2-8℃.

5. Panasonic Brand Compressor.

6. Digital Temperature Controller.

7. Automatic Defroster, night curtain.

Product Detail

Common Parameters

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Remote Type VS Plug In Type

External compressor

1. The heat and the cabinet are outdoors, and the cabinet has fan noise.

2. Similar to the external air conditioner, the voltage must be considered before the distribution of 5m copper pipes (voltage can be customized).

3. Consider the location of the outdoor unit during installation, and reserve a floor drain or water pipe to drain to the outdoors in advance, and the noise emission is outdoors.

Compressor and machine integrated

1. It is convenient for mobile plug-in use, and the noise is emitted indoors.

2. The compressor is at the bottom of the freezer.

3. The freezer needs to be placed 20-30 cm away from the wall.

4. Freezers will produce condensed water (normal phenomenon). Floor drains or drain pipes must be reserved in advance for indoor draining to the outdoors.

product Main features and colors

1. Large-capacity, increase storage space, large open display area, clear and intuitive display;

2. International branded compressor, quality assurance.

3. LED light is 24V,advantage: safe voltage, does not reach people, which can enhance the safety performance of the freezer; / The lamp 4. Using low night curtains;

5. Thickened sheet, intelligent temperature control system;

6. Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.

Product Colors

Product Description

Stainless steel or painted steel materials are used inside the case, making it resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and convenient to use, and not pollute.The lateral plates are with powder coating of silica film on cold-rolled steel plate, easy to clean, durable, simple;

Electronic microcomputer temperature controller makes the temperature inside the case more accurate.A pull-out slow down enables power saving when operating at night;

Microporous air supply, the cold air is evenly distributed, the temperature inside is stable, and the food is not easy to be air- dried;

Polyurethane integral foam and a unique sealing design make it safe, power saving and beautiful.

Product display

technical parameter

Type BG-Model Open Multideck Cooler (Plug In Type)
Model BZ-LMZ1815/17-01 BZ-LMZ2515/17-01
External dimensions(mm) 1875*850*1550/1750 2500*850*1550/1750
Temperature range(℃) 2°-8°
Effective Volume(L) 716/885 936/1180
Displaye area(M2) 1.77/2.19 2.37/2.93
Power consumption (Kwh/24h) 25.39 37.05
Number of shelves 3
Night curtain Slow down
Packing size(mm) 2100×1000×1650/1850 2750×1000×1650/1850
Compressor Horizontal Sanyo
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Evap Temp ℃ -10 -10
Led Light (W) 88.2W 122.4W
Evaporating fan(W) 2pcs/66W 3pcs/99W
Anti Sweat(W) 26 35
Input Power(W) 1661W 2424W
FOB Qingdao Price($) $1,604 $1,895

Product details display

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  • Refrigeration Mode Air Cooling,Single-temperature
    Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
    External Cabinet material Galvanized steel sheet, spray coating for exterior decoration parts
    Inner Liner material Galvanized steel sheet, sprayed
    Inside shelf  Sheet metal spraying
    Side panel Foaming + Insulating glass
    Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
    Evaporators Copper tube fin type
    Throttle modes Thermal expansion valve
    Temperature control Dixell/Carel Brand
    Solenoid valve /
    Defrost Natural defrost/ Electric defrost
    Voltage 220V50HZ,220V60HZ,110V60HZ ;According to your requirements
    Remark The voltage quoted on the product page is 220V50HZ, if you need a special voltage, we need to calculate the quote separately.
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