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Right Angle Deli Cabinet (Plug In Type)

Short Description:

Brand: Sanao
Product origin: Boxing, Shandong
Delivery time: 15 WORKING DAYS
Supply capacity: 1000 SETS/Month

1. We are Factory.

2. We supply after-sale service.

3. We promise one year quality guarantee for whole cabinet.

4. Temperature: 0-5℃.

5. Panasonic Brand Compressor.

6. Digital Temperature Controller.

7. Automatic Defroster, night curtain.

Product Detail

Common Parameters

Product Tags

Product Usage

1. The placement of the food

● Please put food tidy, otherwise it will affect the cycle of air curtain;

● Be attention to don’t load more than 150 kg/m2 when shelf placed food;

● Please keep a certain gap when put food ,it will facilitate the cold wind circulation;

● Do not put food close to RAG ;

● The display case only can be used for frozen food, cannot be used for frozen food.

2. Daily maintenance

● Please unplug the power plug when cleaning, or it likely to get an electric shock or injury fan;

● Please do not wash with water directly, so as not to cause short circuit or electric shock.

1) Cleaning inside of cabinet

● Freezers internal cleaning once a month at least;

● With dip the soft cloth to wipe the neutral non-corrosive detergent parts inside ark, then dry with a dry cloth;

● Remove cabinet inside floor, clean the internal dirt, be careful don't drain plug.

2) Cleaning outside of display case

● Please wipe with wet cloth once a day;

● Please clean the surface dry and wet cloth with neutral detergent, then wipe with dry cloth once a week;

● To keep ventilated smooth, brush the condenser of compressor monthly, be careful not to cause condenser fin shape, pay more attention to prevent condenser fin cut hand when cleaning.

product Main features and colors

1. Intelligent temperature control, air-cooled frost-free, long-lasting freshness;

2. Brand compressor, evenly cooled, keeping physical nutrients and water not easy to lose;

3. All-copper refrigeration tube, fast refrigeration speed and corrosion resistance;

4. Front insulation glass;

5. Using water-saving floor, stainless steel, more resistant to corrosion;

6. Suitable for a variety of occasions, hot pot restaurants, pork shops, fresh shops, etc .

7. Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.

Product Colors

Product display

technical parameter

Basic Parameters Type AY Fresh Meat Cabinet(Plug In Type)
Model FZ-ZSZ1810-01 FZ-ZSZ2510-01
External dimensions(mm) 1875×1050×1250 2500×1050×1250
Temperature range(℃) -2℃-8℃
Effective Volume(L) 220 290
Displaye area(M2) 1.43 1.91
Cabinet Parameters Front end heigth(mm) 813
Number of shelves 1
Night curtain Slow down
Packing size(mm) 2000×1170×1400 2620××1170×1400
Cooling System Compressor Panasonic Brand
Compressor Power(W) 880W 880W
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Evap Temp ℃ -10
Electrical Parameters Lighting Canopy & Shelf  Optional
Evaporating fan(W) 1pcs/33 1pcs/33
Condensing fan(W) 2pcs/120W
Anti Sweat(W) 26 35
Input Power(W) 1077 1092
  FOB Qingdao Price($) $1,040 $1,293

Product Details Display

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  • Refrigeration Mode Air Cooling,Single-temperature
    Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
    External Cabinet material Galvanized steel sheet, spray coating for exterior decoration parts
    Inner Liner material Galvanized steel sheet, sprayed
    Inside shelf  Sheet metal spraying
    Side panel Foaming + Insulating glass
    Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
    Evaporators Copper tube fin type
    Throttle modes Thermal expansion valve
    Temperature control Dixell/Carel Brand
    Solenoid valve /
    Defrost Natural defrost/ Electric defrost
    Voltage 220V50HZ,220V60HZ,110V60HZ ;According to your requirements
    Remark The voltage quoted on the product page is 220V50HZ, if you need a special voltage, we need to calculate the quote separately.
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