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Smart Combinaion Island Freezer (Standard Model )

Short Description:

Brand: Sanao
Product origin: Boxing, Shandong
Delivery time: 15 WORKING DAYS
Supply capacity: 1500 SETS/Month

1. We are Factory.

2. We supply after-sale service.

3. We promise one year quality guarantee for whole cabinet.

4. Temperature: -18~-22℃.

5. Donper/ Embraco Brand Compressor.

6. Digital Temperature Controller.

7. Automatic Defroster.

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Common Parameters

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Product Usage

The island cabinet is mainly used for the freezing of quick-frozen food, meat, ice cream, etc. in supermarkets and convenience stores. It is mainly a commercial freezer developed for large supermarkets, commercial supermarkets, milk stations, and cold drink shops.

Product Key Features and colors

1. Using branded compressor, fast cooling, more energy saving and low noise;

2. Overall foaming, thickened foaming layer, energy saving and power saving, uniform cooling, and long-lasting freshness;

3. Anti-fogging, cambered, the tempered glass, no deformation, no fog, and more thermal insulation;

4. Intelligent temperature control system, more accurate, easy to operate and more worry-free;

5. Using copper tube condenser, the inner coil is copper tube;

6. Automatic defrost, reducing the trouble of regular defrosting and improving cooling efficiency.

7. Factory direct sales,worry-free after sales.

Product Colors

Precautions for the use of island cabinets

1. The island cabinet that has been transported should be placed for more than two hours before it can be powered on, and food can be put in after two hours of power on. The food placed in the island cabinet should be placed evenly, and there should be a gap for air-conditioning.

2. If the island cabinet is not used for a long time, the power supply should be cut off and the cabinet should be kept clean and dry.

3. Always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. If any abnormality is found, check it in time. If there is a major problem, please ask a professional to repair it, and contact the maintenance department of the business in time.

4. The power supply of the island cabinet must be powered by a dedicated line, and the socket is reliably grounded. When the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, a voltage stabilizer with more than 5 times the power of the whole machine should be installed.

Combined island cabinet

Product display

technical parameter

Basic parameters Type 01 Combination Island Freezer
Model DD-01-18 End cabinet DD-01-21 Straight cabinet DD-01-25 Straight cabinet
Product dimensions9 (mm) 1850×890×750 2100×890×850 2500×890×850
Temperature range (℃) –18~–22°C
Effective Volume (L) 659 760 860
Displaye area (M2) 1.26 1.48 1.71
Net weight (kg) 120 130 150
Cabinet parameters Inter Dimension (mm) 1720×735×575 1960×735×625 2360×735×625
Packing size (mm) 2000×1000×940 2250×1000×1000 2550×870×1000
Cooling System Compressor/Power (W) Danfoss SC18CNX.2/610 Danfoss SC21CNX.2/660 Danfoss SC21CNX.2/660
Refrigerant R290 R290 R290
Refrigerant/charge 112 123 129
Evap Temp ℃ -32
Electrical parameters Lighting power (W) 20W 24W 32W
Evaporating fan (W) 60
Input Power (W) 690 744 752
Defrost (W) 204 220 256
  EXW Price ($) $630 $648 $750

Product Details Display

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    Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
    External Cabinet material Galvanized steel sheet, spray coating for exterior decoration parts
    Inner Liner material Embossed aluminum plate
    Front end heigth(mm) Equivalent to the front height of the cabinet
    Inside shelf Steel wire dipped in plastic
    Side panel Foaming
    Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
    Evaporators Coil type
    Throttle modes Capillary
    Temperature control Jingchuang
    Solenoid valve Sanhua
    Defrost(W) Natural defrost


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