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Round the Island Air Curtain Cabinet

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Brand: Sanao
Product origin: Boxing, Shandong
Delivery time: 15 WORKING DAYS
Supply capacity: 1000 SETS/Month

1. We are Factory.

2. We supply after-sale service.

3. We promise one year quality guarantee for whole cabinet.

4. Temperature: 2-8℃.

5. Panasonic Brand Compressor.

6. Digital Temperature Controller.

7. Automatic Defroster, night curtain.

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Maintenance of air curtain cabinet

Do not clean the air curtain display cabinet with soapy water, detergent or clean water

Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent can not only effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the air curtain display cabinet, but also cannot remove the silica sand particles before polishing, and because they are corrosive to a certain extent, they will damage the air curtain display cabinet. surface, so that the lacquer of the air curtain display cabinet becomes dull.

At the same time, if moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause mildew or local deformation of the wood, shortening the service life. Nowadays, many air curtain display cabinets are made of fiberboard machines. If there is moisture infiltrating in, the first two years will not be moldy because the additives such as formaldehyde have not been completely volatilized. However, once the additives evaporate, the dampness of the wet cloth will cause the air curtain display cabinet to become moldy. If the floor is low, the air curtain display cabinet at home may be "mold" every year.

Here I would like to remind you that even if the surface of some air curtain display cabinets is coated with piano lacquer, it can be properly scrubbed with water, and do not leave wet rags on the surface of the air curtain display cabinet for a long time to prevent moisture from penetrating into in wood.

product Main features and colors

Suitable for preservation of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

1. open the sales way, fashion, convenience, show the effect is good, especially suitable for on-site processing, preservation and fresh food sales.

2. chooses import compressor, micropore type out of wind, cold air is uniformly distributed, the standard air fresh tank temperature stability, contained in the food not dry.Standard air fresh meat in ark cabinet is made of stainless steel materials, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, easy to use, and do not pollute the food.

3. humanized design, can choose any stitching (external) units or a single machine type (luxurious, standard can be arbitrary choice)

Product Colors

4. strong strong steel base, decorated with powder spraying zinc steel plate surface, make the cabinet put oneself in another's position is durable, beautiful and generous.

5. the whole machine refrigeration temperature control precision, temperature and frost frost the dual protection of the time, to ensure that the standard air fresh tank items contained in the display and preservation effect.

6.the air-filled type fresh cabinet: completely open the display of fresh space, larger capacity, access more convenient;Standard air fresh tank floor is made of stainless steel materials, such as corrosion resistance, easy to clean

Product display

technical parameter

Type BG-Model Open Multideck Cooler (Remote Type)
Model BZ-LMCL1815/17-01 Round island (straight cabinet) BZ-LMCL2515/17-01Round island (straight cabinet) BZ-LMCL2915/17-01 Round island (straight cabinet) BZ-LMCL3715/17-01  Round island (straight cabinet) BZ-LMCU15/17-01 Round island (straight cabinet)
External dimensions(mm) 1875*850*1550/1750 2500*850*1550/1750 2900*850*1550/1750 3750*850*1550/1750 1900*950*1550/1750
Temperature range(℃) 2°-8°
Effective Volume(L) 716/885 936/1180 1104/1366 1430/1769 501/619
Displaye area(M2) 1.77/2.19 2.37/2.93 2.74/3.39 3.55/4.39 1.24/2.03
Power consumption (Kwh/24h) 2.87 3.71 4.01 6.45 1.68
Number of shelves 3
Night curtain Slow down
Packing size(mm) 2100×1000×1650/1850 2750×1000×1650/1850 3150×1000×1650/1850 3950×1000×1650/1850 2100×1100×1650/1850
Compressor Remote Type
Refrigerant According to the external condensing unit
Evap Temp ℃ -10
Led Light (W) 88.2W 122.4W 132.3W 183.6W 72W
Evaporating fan(W) 2pcs/66W 3pcs/99W 4pcs/132W 5pcs/165W 2pcs/66W
Anti Sweat(W) 26 35 40 52 10
Input Power(W) 146.2W 208.4W 259.3W 328.6W 148W
FOB Qingdao Price($) $1,346 $1,552 $1,790 $2,100 $1,895

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  • Refrigeration Mode Air Cooling,Single-temperature
    Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
    External Cabinet material Galvanized steel sheet, spray coating for exterior decoration parts
    Inner Liner material Galvanized steel sheet, sprayed
    Inside shelf  Sheet metal spraying
    Side panel Foaming + Insulating glass
    Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
    Evaporators Copper tube fin type
    Throttle modes Thermal expansion valve
    Temperature control Dixell/Carel Brand
    Solenoid valve /
    Defrost Natural defrost/ Electric defrost
    Voltage 220V50HZ,220V60HZ,110V60HZ ;According to your requirements
    Remark The voltage quoted on the product page is 220V50HZ, if you need a special voltage, we need to calculate the quote separately.
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