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Plug In Type Upright Glass Door Chiller

Short Description:

Brand: Sanao
Product origin: Boxing, Shandong
Delivery time: 15 WORKING DAYS
Supply capacity: 1000 SETS/Month

1. We are Factory.

2. We supply after-sale service.

3. We promise one year quality guarantee for whole cabinet.

4. Temperature: 2-8℃.

5. Panasonic Brand Compressor.

6. Digital Temperature Controller.

7. Automatic Defroster, night curtain.

Product Detail

Common Parameters

Product Tags

Product Usage

The different temperature temperature ranges can be set according to the different demands:2-8℃ for fresh foods, fresh meat, milk, beverage and so on; -18-22℃ for frozen foods, ice cream, sea foods, etc.

product Main features and colors

1. Humanized, perfect appearance design, large capacity, can store more products.

2. The shunt structure of cooling air is adopted to achieve uniform cooling effect and to eliminate the cooling dead ends.

3. High-efficiency imported brand Danfoss/Secop compressor, the refrigerant is R134a/290/404.

4. Glass door can close automatically,three-layer glass door, the glass door is hollow inside,  with  electrical heating and anti-condensation reduces power consumption.

5. Muti-layer grid shelves can be combined freely with angle adjustable to augment display effects.

6. Pure copper tube condenser and evaporator.

Product Colors

7. Save 60% space compared to same volume island freezer.

8. Save 50% energy compared to open type,Low running cost,invest one-off,benefit lifelong.

Maintenance of air curtain cabinet

When wiping the air curtain display cabinet, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as a rag.

It is best to wipe the air curtain display cabinet with a cloth with good water absorption such as a towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel cloth. There are some old clothes with coarse cloth, wires or stitches, buttons, etc. that will cause scratches on the surface of the air curtain display cabinet, so try to avoid using them.

Do not wipe the dust on the surface of the air curtain display cabinet with a dry rag

Many people are accustomed to use a dry rag to clean and wipe the surface of the air curtain display cabinet. In fact, there are a lot of fine sand and particles in the dust. These fine particles have damaged the paint surface of the air curtain display cabinet during the friction of wiping back and forth. Although these scratches are minimal and even invisible to the naked eye, over time, the surface of the air curtain display cabinet will be dull and rough, and the light will no longer be present.

Product display

technical parameter

Product Name Plug In Type Upright Glass Door Chiller
1 Voltage/Hertz 220v/50Hz
2 Tempreture 2-8℃ (-)18℃ to(-)22℃
3 Climate type 3
4 Light Led 24V for each shelf
5 Shelf 5 PLY-Supports more than 50 kg  
6 Display Area 1.63㎡ 2.55㎡ 1.63㎡ 2.55㎡
7 Net volume 637L 955L 637L 955L
8 Power consumption(Kwh/24h) 9.45 10.07 22.78 32.32
9 OVERALL DIMSN (mm) 1250*790*2020 1875*790*2020 1250*790*2020 1875*790*2020
10 Door Quantity 2 3 2 3
11 Power 817W 868W 1978W 2806W
12 Door  Automatic rebound door
13 Thermometer Dixell  Digital Control
14 Cooling System Air Cooling
15 Defrost Type Auto-Defrost
16 Fan EBM
17 Compressor SECOP    
18 Refrigerant   R404a
19 Evaporator Copper Tube Fin Type                        
20 Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
21 External Cabinet material Galvanized steel
22 Inner Liner material Galvanized steel sheet, sprayed
23 Night curtain Slow down night curtain
24 Side panel Foaming + insulating glass
25 Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
26 Warranty One year, spare parts are not artificially damaged and can be       provided free of charge
  FOB Qingdao Price($) $785 $1,010 $1,435 $1,863

Product details display

Use Brand Controller, intelligent temperature control setting

Adjustable shelves with large bearing capacity

Three-layer insulating glass, aluminum alloy door handle, humanized design

The sealing strip is strictly protected to lock the air-conditioning

Large air outlet design, better cooling effect,360°cycle cooling

Brighter LED lights with brightness over 5000k

All cabinet body is whole foam, use 5cm thick foam layer

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  • Refrigeration Mode Air Cooling,Single-temperature
    Cabinet /color Foamed cabinet / Optional
    External Cabinet material Galvanized steel sheet, spray coating for exterior decoration parts
    Inner Liner material Galvanized steel sheet, sprayed
    Inside shelf  Sheet metal spraying
    Side panel Foaming + Insulating glass
    Foot Adjustable anchor bolt
    Evaporators Copper tube fin type
    Throttle modes Thermal expansion valve
    Temperature control Dixell/Carel Brand
    Solenoid valve /
    Defrost Natural defrost/ Electric defrost
    Voltage 220V50HZ,220V60HZ,110V60HZ ;According to your requirements
    Remark The voltage quoted on the product page is 220V50HZ, if you need a special voltage, we need to calculate the quote separately.
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