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Hot Selling Products Introduction—Combination Island Freezers

Combination Island Freezers Type Show

01 Standard Island Freezer


02 Lingyao Model Island Freezer


03 Leading Model Island Freezer


04 Model Island Freezer


E5 Model Island Freezer


E6 Model Island Freezer


Product Usage

The operating temperature is -15~-18℃.

It is used to display and sell refrigerated foods such as various meat products, seafood, ice cream, quick-frozen dumplings, etc.  

The cabinet is an integral cabinet with four lengths: 1480mm, 1880mm, 2505mm, and 1905mm (head cabinet), which can be flexibly combined according to the layout of the store.


★Compared with the traditional open refrigerator, the energy saving is more than 60%.  

★Large display area, more visual impact.  

★A new breakthrough in direct-cooling frost-free cloud-cooling technology, the temperature of the product remains balanced for 24 hours.  

★The constant temperature cloud-cooling design cooperates with imported high-power settings, fast cooling and low noise.  

★Wide voltage band, wide climate band, wide temperature band.  

★Plug and play design, convenient and fast.  

★It can be used with non-cold shelves to expand the display area, and the semi-automatic thawing function can be selected.  

★No maintenance required.

Post time: Jul-06-2022